Patricia A. Arel

CEO/Owner/Clinical Therapist

I have worked in the mental health field for over twenty years, specializing with children, adolescents and family issues. The challenges families may face can be behavioral, emotional and/or social problems that need to be addressed within the family to restore health and wellness. I am of the belief without supporting the family as well as the child, it is less likely that lasting change will occur. I am duly credentialed in substance abuse as well as mental health to address all issues within a family. I started out working in substance abuse within the family and transitioned to a large mental health center working with families on an intensive level for many years. From there, I began to climb "the corporate ladder" and realized that many of our families cannot get what they need due to wait lists, budgetary constraints or limited staffing etc...This led to opening a private practice where Rite Care clients can access all the same services as Commercial or Private Pay clients. It allows me to meet the needs of my clients by helping with appropriate referrals, letters if needed, resources or case management services which allows the entire needs of the client to be addressed. Here at Riverside Counseling (RCC), we consult on a regular basis with a highly respected psychiatrist as well as with physicians, school departments etc. to offer collaboration and quality care for our clients. Our clients are an integral part of their recovery as they participate fully in treatment. They are part of the development and planning of their care. Clients have a right to a second opinion or to refuse any treatment at any time. Clients participate fully are an essential part of their own aftercare and discharge planning to help us meet their needs as they complete their treatment here at RCC.

Kate Bowen


Yearly Interns


Interns are an integral part of Riverside Counseling. They are able to provide resources for clients which are non-billable services. They do not in any way treat our clients simply provide basic needs referrals to help our clients manage better in their every day day lives. For example, child care may be an issue for a client or transportation. Interns will search for programs that meet the criteria for what our client needs. Then, with appropriate releases in place, Interns can print applications and/or make an appropriate referral. If necessary, our Interns will meet with the client to help apply for these programs. The hope is, with resolving some of the everyday stressors, clients will be better able to focus on their health and well being.